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Pastor Stephen Jenney grew up in Portage, MI. As a child growing up in the Catholic church, he always wondered what the truth of God was but never found adequate answers for his ongoing questions about life after death. During high school, he began actively searching for answers about God. When looking more into what the Bible taught, he found a book about the end times that had a presentation of God's plan of salvation from the Scriptures. At that moment, he realized that no other book, philosophy or religion could give such a complete answer to his lifelong question. He acknowledged his sin and his need for salvation and he called upon Christ to be his Savior from sin and its penalty. 

After graduating from high school, Stephen moved to the Chicago area to attend a technical college with a friend. One morning, God woke him up with the conviction that he needed to go to church. After his salvation, he prayed that God would lead him to a church that was not full of extra traditions but simply based on the Bible. He decided to try a Baptist church that he had been passing on the way to the school. Upon attending that church, he soon realized that everything they taught was straight out of the Scriptures and that the Catholic Church was not teaching salvation from the Scriptures or even at all. God gave Stephen an overwhelming peace there and began to work in his heart about becoming a pastor. 

From Chicago, God led Stephen to Ambassador Baptist College in Shelby, NC where God worked in his heart about church planting. After graduating college, Stephen moved to North Tonawanda, NY to serve at Shalom Baptist Church. In November of 2013, he married his wife Charity whom he had met in college. God called him and his family to pursue church planting in the Southwestern United States. In this pursuit, God led them to plant Shepherd's Call Baptist Church. God has blessed them with three little boys and one baby girl and their family is thrilled to be in the High Desert of Southern California to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus. 

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